Saturday, December 24, 2011

Sextasy: Vivid Sex Stories

Sextasy: Vivid Sex Stories is part two in a hot new erotica series. Stimulate your sexual senses with this compilation of ultra erotic adult stories. Discover how these singles, couples and groups satisfy some of their wildest sexual fantasies in these vivid sex stories. Adults only 18+

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When Steve and Dean go to a local strip club, the most they are expecting from the evening is to see some naked female flesh. They never dreamed that they would be joined at their table by two sexy and very horny brunettes, who are on the hunt for nothing more than a great time with some willing partners. Steve and Dean are only too happy to pleasure them and satisfy their desires. Adults only 18+

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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Pleasure Island

Friends Carl and Mark are out spearfishing in a tropical island paradise. Needing a break they beach their small boat on a tiny deserted island to take a rest. On the island they encounter three naked and very horny young women. From then on it's a sex fest, with all five indulging in an afternoon of non-stop sexual fun. Adults only 18+

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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Casual Sex

Greg is only after casual sex so he joins an internet dating site called The casual Sex Club. It differs itself from other adult sites by promising to match him with genuine candidates. Greg gets lucky with the third profile and by the following afternoon is indulging in the raunchiest sex of his life with a hot young brunette woman named Cynthia. Adults only 18+

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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Light My Fire

Dale and Donna have recently started seriously dating but have yet to sexually consumate their relationship. Taking her to a secluded and romantic location in the wilderness, Dale plans to make his move by the ambient light of the campfire. His ploy works and Donna is only too willing to abandon her inhibitions and give into his desires. Adults only 18+

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Monday, November 21, 2011

Sex Party

Dex and Rico are on vacation in the Greek Islands when they receive a flyer advertizing a Sex Party. Intrigued, they buy tickets to the event. The party lives up to its name and is a free-for-all romp of sexual fun for everyone involved. Dex and Rico can't stop getting laid! Adults only 18+

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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Power of the Pussy

Taylor is a blonde and very sexy door to door salesperson. When she can't convince Rob, a potential client, to sign a contract with her firm, she uses her feminine sex appeal to its best advantage, arousing Rob's interest and ultimately achieving the desired results. Adults only 18+

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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Well Hung: Dale's First Client

Well hung Dale still maintains a sexual relationship with his ex wife, Lillian. Lillian suggests that Dale could make good money from his assets and she wants to start pimping out his services to attractive and wealthy women she knows. Dale warms to the idea and ends up having an hour of sordid sex with his first eager client, Lucinda. Adults only 18+

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Saturday, November 5, 2011

No Strings Attached - Erotica

When Danny breaks up with his long-term girlfriend, he decides he's over romance and serious relationships and goes in search of some no strings fun. His work colleague, Telitha, sets him up with her girlfriend and the two immediately hit it off. Mutual attraction quickly turns into mutual sexual satisfaction when Lydia invites Danny back to her place to indulge their intimate desires. Adults only 18+

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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Power Play - The First Book in a New Action/Adventure Series

A ship transporting an elite military machine sinks in a storm off the east coast of Australia. The Aquabot, with the ability to camouflage itself to its surroundings, is unleashed into the sea. American tourists, Gene and Sheridan McCabe, are scuba diving in the area the next day when Gene is brutally attacked and killed. Dissatisfied when the incident is written off as a shark attack, Sheridan enlists the services of government secret agents and private mercenaries, Ben Logan and Gus Edwards, to track down the mysterious thing that killed her brother.

At this time a Russian general learns of the Aquabot's existence and wants to steal the machine in order to study its technology. The general's scheme is complicated when a KGB agent plots against him and plans to take the glory.

After an incident occurs at an alleged marine biology facility on the South Australian coast, Ben Logan is called on by the Australian government to infiltrate the facility and unearth its real purpose. His investigation leads him to a base in the desert, where he learns of the Aquabot's connection to the American-owned facilities. But that's not what stuns him the most. In an underground bunker beneath the desert compound, Logan discovers a cache of military machines just waiting to be unleashed.

The Aquabot is the brainchild of American billionaire, Jordan Sterling, leader of a corporation that has spent billions of dollars in building an elite robotic force to be used in military take-overs in a quest for global power. But Sterling needs a constant supply of uranium to power his nuclear army, and the most vulnerable source in plentiful supply is found in Australia.

Learning that Logan has knowledge of his Australian operations and the whereabouts of the Aquabot, Sterling arranges the kidnapping of Logan and his friends. When Logan refuses to tell Sterling anything, Sterling hands them over to his right-hand man, Raymond Steele. Steele has a passion for hunting. Logan, Gus and Sheridan are dumped on a deserted island in Western Samoa, where Steele hunts them down like animals. Time is running out. If Logan doesn't get back to Australia and stop the take-over, Sterling's plans for global power will be virtually unstoppable, and the freedom of Logan's country lost forever.

But first he has to contend with Raymond Steele, escape from the island and find his way back home. There, with the streets overrun by people on Sterling's payroll, Russian agents seeking to obtain their own slice of glory, and a myriad of military machines programmed with nothing but death and destruction, Logan can find only one person who can help: A mysterious CIA Agent who emerges from Sterling's operation. They join forces to concoct the one and only plan that will destroy Sterling's road to global power. It's their only chance, but can they do it in time?

In the tradition of Clive Cussler and the successful Dirk Pitt series, Power Play is the first installment in a proposed Action/Adventure series featuring lead character, Ben Logan. Book two is in the works and will be released in the near future.

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Monday, October 31, 2011

Sextasy: Super Sexy Stories

Sextasy: Super Sexy Stories is part one in a hot new erotica series. Stimulate your sexual senses with this compilation of ultra erotic adult stories. Discover how these singles, couples and groups satisfy some of their wildest sexual fantasies in these super sizzling sex stories Adults only 18+

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Wicked Desires: Steamy Sex Stories

Steamy Sex Stories is part one in a hot new erotica series called Wicked Desires. Stimulate your senses with this book of adult stories. Discover how these singles, couples and groups satisfy some of their wildest sexual desires in these steamy sex stories. Adults only 18+

Other Books in the Wicked Desires Series:

Sunday, October 30, 2011

The Proliferation of eBooks is Flooding the Market

The flood gates have opened in the ebook marketplace. It is now so easy to self-publish that anyone and everyone is doing it. But is that a good thing?

For every new release onto the market, existing ebook sales get diluted. Ebooks don't have a shelf life. They are eternal, there forever unless the author/publisher takes them down, or the etailer decides to remove them for some reason. Just how many ebooks can the market sustain before even the best of writers are making very little money from their hard work?

In the past few months I've seen my ebook sales diluted to about a quarter of what they were. This is due, in part, to the tough economic climate. But having even more of an impact on sales is the proliferation of new books. Ebooks are literally exploding! New authors and new books are being published every second of the day. Ebook publishing platform, Smashwords, will have published around 90,000 ebooks by the end of 2011, as compared to a total of 28,800 at the end of 2010. That's tripled in one year! And not every self-published author distributes through SW. Many are content to just hawk their wares on Amazon's Kindle platform.

So where does this end? How many ebooks are going to be on the market by the end of 2012? Can websites like Amazon and the iBookstore continue to just upload book after book endlessly?

The only real answer to this is some form of quality control. Many ebooks are brilliant, the majority are quite good, but just as many should never have the chance to see the light of day. After all, not everyone is a writer, but these days anyone can be a writer. Poor writing, grammer, sentence composition and endless typos often place an ugly and permanent scar on the face of self-publishing. The etailers will eventually need to start enforcing some form of quality control or their websites will ultimately drown in a rising tide of ebooks.

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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Why Has My Book Been A Bestseller All Year?

Hot and Steamy: Sizzling Sex Stories, an erotica compilation of short stories, has been on the Amazon Top 100 for the Erotica genre since the start of the year. Until recently it hovered between Number 1 and the Number 3 spot. Only the past month or so has it slipped down the list.

So why has this particular book been so successful?

I currently have 132 ebooks for sale on Amazon and other online book retailers, yet for some reason Hot and Steamy: Sizzling Sex Stories has sold considerably more copies than any of my other erotica titles. Now, while that's great, trying to emulate the book's success with other titles has proven a very difficult task. You see, there's no rhyme nor reason why that particular book took off while others have remained in the long tail. I didn't do any extra promotion on it. There is nothing about it that makes it stand out above all the rest. All I can assume is that it somehow got lucky; and once it was on Amazon bestseller lists, it basically promoted itself and kept on selling. I'd love to know the formula that launched it originally, but I really don't know how it happened.

Other Books in the Hot and Steamy Series:

Tales of Lust and Desire
Sexual Fantasies
Exotic Erotica
Sex On Fire
Sizzling Erotica
Six Sexy Stories

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Monday, October 24, 2011

Sex Sells!!

I've been avidly writing novels, nonfiction books, short stories and articles since 1984. In the past year and a half I started writing ebooks, as well as converting a lot of my existing material into ebook form. After all, it's the way of the future. Traditional books and media will always exist, but ebooks are really taking off and coming into their own now. So far I'm managing to derive a steady income from ebook sales on Amazon, the iBookstore and other online book retailers. It's been a steep learning curve, but one well worth the effort.

My preference has always been to write fiction. There is nothing more satisfying than piecing a story together where the end result is a cohesive, full-length novel. I've written thirteen of those to date, nine of which I never bothered to convert to ebook form as I didn't feel they were strong enough stories. For years I wanted to be the next Clive Cussler. Action/Adventure is my favourite genre to write in and one of my favourites to read. The traditional publishing route never managed to yield any positive results, but the internet and the advent of ebooks changed everything.

Suddenly I could be my own publisher at next to no cost. My ebooks on Amazon are available to purchase within days of uploading. Things were definitely looking up. Being electronic media, I could price my books at a point that everyone could afford (unlike POD print books). Only problem was, people still weren't buying my books. Sure, I was selling the odd copy of a novel or nonfiction piece, but it was slow and very uninspiring.

That was, until, I stumbled upon the erotica genre.

I thought to myself: "I've had some sexual experiences. I could write about that." And so I did.

First I read through some samples of the work of other erotica writers to get a feel for what was acceptable as far as content was concerned, then I started writing erotic short stories and putting them together into various compilations for sale on the internet. It didn't take long to start getting sales, and regularly. Finally I'd found something that readers wanted to spend their money on. Sure, it wasn't my preference to write sex stories, but hell, I'm a writer and I want to make some money from my efforts. As I put more and more erotic ebooks out into the marketplace, the more the sales and revenue from my work increased.

Now, I'll be the first to admit that none of my erotic stories is any literary masterpiece, but they fill a niche and serve a purpose. I'd much rather be writing and selling copies of my traditional fiction, but unless you're a known author no one wants to buy it. They just want to buy and read about sex. I guess sex is the major driving force of mankind.

Since i started writing erotica a little over a year ago, things have declined the past few months. Sales across the board of all categories of ebooks have dried up a little in tough economic times, but erotica has especially been affected. Not through the economic climate entirely, but many authors have now climbed aboard that erotic bandwagon and the marketplace has been literally flooded with sex books, all selling ridiculously cheap. What can I do about that? Nothing. All I can do is keep writing new material and try to promote the books and stories that I'm more proud to say I've written. Obviously those are the ones of a non-erotic nature.

It would be nice to get some sales and recognition for the books I really love to write.

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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Thirst (Vampire Erotica)

Roman is three hundred years old and he is a vampire. When London becomes overrun with vampires, he travels to Australia in search of new blood. He plans to start a fresh coven and have sex with as many beautiful women as possible, turning them one by one. Only a resolute detective investigating the series of strange murders stands in his way. Thirst is an intoxicating mix of erotica, the paranormal and horror. Adults only 18+

Only $2.99 on Amazon Kindle...