Monday, January 30, 2012

X-Rated Hardcore Erotica is a collection of erotic short stories involving a spicy array of sexual encounters. Sex between couples, group sex, swinging, threesomes and partner swapping all take place in this exquisite selection of erotica. Indulge your deepest fantasies and arouse your desires by reading these adult tales. Adults only 18+

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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Threesomes: X-Rated

Threesomes: X-Rated is a selection of erotic short stories involving three sexual partners; either two men and one woman, two women and one man or three women. Many people fantasize about a sexual menage. These stories vividly bring those fantasies to life. Adults only 18+

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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Sex Stalker

The sun was starting to dip below the western horizon when Ryan left the office on Thursday and strolled across the car park toward his vehicle. 

At forty-three, and after many years in the same field, he was getting rather bored with his job as a financial advisor for small businesses. It seemed like the same routine every single day. Arrive at the office at eight-thirty, grab a coffee, sit down at his desk and scan through his appointments. Then throughout the day, one by one, he’d meet with his appointments and virtually go through the same spiel of how to better manage business finances, hopefully leading to bigger profits.

In his personal life he’d been married and divorced twice. Right now he was single. No girlfriend. No casual liaisons. Nothing.

Life was dull. He needed some excitement injected into his life before he slipped into a coma.

As he walked across the bitumen he loosened his tie. He hated ties. Used to love them when he was younger. Made him feel professional and important. Now having that strip of material around his neck just felt like a hindrance; somehow symbolic of him being trapped in a lifestyle he no longer wanted to be in.

The black BMW beeped and the indicators flashed when Ryan flicked the button on the remote on his approach. He opened a back door and dumped his briefcase onto the seat. There he paused a second, ripped his tie off and threw that onto the seat as well. He then got in behind the wheel, inserted the key into the ignition and was about to start the car when he noticed something out of place.

Ryan stepped back out onto the bitumen. On his windscreen there was a small scrap of notebook paper jammed under the driver’s side wiper blade. He lifted the blade and retrieved the note. With his curiosity mounting he read it.

“I think you are really hot!” the note said. It was signed simply ‘M’.

Ryan frowned and read the very brief message again, as if it were going to tell him something more the second time around. It didn’t.

He smiled and shrugged then. “Who’s M?” he said to himself.

Ryan looked back at the three storey office building which housed the company he worked for. Did M work there? Was it one of these women he saw wandering through the car park right now?

No one took any notice of him. He glanced all around. No women ducking behind a parked car or scurrying off into the bushes. Nothing looked suspicious.

Whoever it was, they’re probably long gone by now, he decided.

Ryan got back into the car, tossed the note onto the passenger seat and started the engine. The powerful, finely-tuned motor roared into life. He backed out and drove through the car park to head for home.

Traffic was heavy as it always was at peak hour and it took him a good thirty minutes to reach his place out in the suburbs. It was almost fully dark when the BMW pulled to a stop in the driveway to his single level, three bedroom home. Before venturing inside, Ryan went to the mailbox and pulled a stack of letters and junk mail from within. Once inside the house, he dumped the pile of mail and his brief case and tie on the kitchen bench and, out of habit more than the desire for caffeine, put the kettle on.

After a coffee was brewed and milk added, he took his mug and the mail out onto the back patio and sat down to go through it. He took a sip of coffee, then started sifting through the pile.

Junk mail was put aside. He went through the real letters. Bill. Another bill. A letter from his mother, complaining about why she hadn’t seen him in months. Then an envelope with no postage stamp attached. It just had his name written on it. No address. Obviously personally delivered. He flipped it over. Nothing on the back.

Ryan quickly ripped the envelope apart and withdrew another scrap of notebook paper like the one found on his car windshield.

It read, “I think you are really sexy! I love older men.” Again signed simply ‘M’.

“Older men?” said Ryan, not sure if he was too keen on that interpretation of his age. He looked at the envelope again. “So whoever this is they obviously know my name. Must be someone I know.”

He went inside to look for the first note. Not there. Must have left it in the car. After retrieving it from the passenger seat, Ryan went back outside and compared the handwriting of both notes. He was no expert, but they looked for all money to have been penned by the same hand. He didn’t recognize the handwriting.

He gulped down the rest of his coffee, which had gone tepid by now, and sat there staring at the messages.

Ryan wasn’t sure how to feel about it. Part of him was flattered and quite excited that he had a secret admirer of some sort. Another part of him was concerned he may have a stalker on his hands.

Was she dangerous? If it even was a she.

The handwriting looked feminine, but it may not be. All he had to go on so far was the letter M, and the fact that this person knew his name, his car and his address. They obviously knew way more about him than he did about them.

His stomach grumbled so he went back into the kitchen and searched the freezer for something to throw into the microwave. Under some steaks and sausages he discovered a frozen Thai dinner that consisted of green chicken curry and rice. He tossed it into the microwave and started it up, then stepped into the living room and switched his computer on. By the time Windows had fully loaded the microwave was beeping to announce dinner had been cooked.

The food was dumped onto a plate. He grabbed a fork from the drawer and took the steaming dish over to his desk. When he checked his emails he had his usual fair share of junk mail. After weeding that out, an email on the screen caught his eye.

“M” has sent you a message on Facebook.

He scooped some food into his mouth and clicked on the email to read it.

“I want to suck your big cock dry,” the message read.

Ryan choked on his food, chunks of rice spraying the LCD screen. He clicked on the link to the Facebook page and waited for it to load. Once the message screen had opened, he clicked through to M’s profile. The page unfolded before him. There was nothing on it. No picture, no profile details. Just the username and a note saying that the user only shares private information with friends.

“She obviously hasn’t added me as a friend then,” Ryan said and ate some more curry. “Who the hell is this person? And why the sudden interest?”

He read the message again and felt a stirring inside his pants. It was a natural reaction. Ryan then abruptly pushed sexual thoughts aside. He knew nothing about this person. For all he knew she could be eighty years old. Or a man, not a woman.

Don’t get too excited yet, he chastised himself.

Whilst shoveling some food into his mouth he tried to figure out what to do next. An idea came to him.

Ryan typed in a web address on his keyboard and a few seconds later the home page for his company came up on screen. He knew all employees were listed on the company website. Even though he wasn’t sure it was someone at work, it was a good possibility and at least somewhere to start. The company he worked for was quite a large one, and he by no means knew everyone there. Only those in his department really.

‘M’ was most likely the initial of a first name, but could also be for a surname, so he scanned through all female employees whose first or last name started with M. When he was done he finished up with a list of seven possibilities, two of which had a small photo attached to the employee profile. He printed the list of possibilities.

One woman with a picture was named Mary Rogers. She looked to be in her fifties. Ryan recalled the second message, about loving older men. And since Mary was obviously older than he, Ryan crossed her off the list.

The second profile with a photo depicted a much younger woman, maybe mid-twenties and reasonably attractive. Madeline Kline. She fit the profile with what small amount of information he had to go on, so Madeline remained on the list.

He scanned the remaining five profiles. There wasn’t enough information there to eliminate anyone else. The profiles didn’t give away personal statistics such as age, and without photographs to try and determine ages, he couldn’t cross any of them off as being obviously too old to prefer ‘older men’. And none of the remaining six people directly worked in his department; although the various departments in the company did interact from time to time..

As he sat there and finished his meager meal, a nag screen popped up on his monitor, informing him that he’d received a new email. Ryan’s heart beat a little faster as he checked the email message. It was another Facebook message from M. He read it.

“I am so wet and horny right now. I wish you were here to fill my pussy with your hard cock. I can’t wait to fuck you.”

Again his dick stirred in his pants. He had no control over that.

“If you want to fuck me,” he said to the computer, “why don’t you reveal yourself and let’s get it on?”

Another Facebook message.

“I’m going to take your meaty cock down my throat and suck the cum from your balls.”

This message made Ryan’s cock go rock hard in a matter of seconds. It had been a while since he’d last had sex, and with the build up due to months of abstinence, it didn’t take much to get him fully aroused.

She may not wish to reveal herself just yet, but she certainly wasn’t shy in saying what she wanted, thought Ryan. And quite graphic about it too.

For the next few hours Ryan watched television, periodically checking his computer for any new messages from M. After a shower he was just about ready for bed. One last check of his emails revealed no new messages. That was it for tonight by the look of it.

*  *  *

It was Friday morning. Ryan pulled his BMW to a stop in the car park at work and got out. As he always did, he checked his reflection in the driver’s door window, making sure his hair was in place and his damned tie was straight. When all was in order he made his way toward the office building.

He casually glanced around as he strode across the parking lot. When he reached the top of the stairs that led to the building’s entrance, he paused and looked back toward his car. No one was lurking around it, about to insidiously place a note on his windshield. When he saw nothing of interest he stepped inside.

Ryan said hello to the receptionist, Natalie, a bubbly young blonde of about nineteen or twenty.

M not N, he thought to himself when the possibility of it being Natalie sprang to mind. Maybe he just wished it was her? She certainly was cute.

After making his mandatory coffee in the kitchen, he went to his office, sat at his desk, turned his computer on and scanned today’s appointments while waiting for the machine to boot up.

The very first appointment on the list caught his eye immediately. It was a woman. Her name was Melanie Mitchell.

M and M. Could it be her?

Melanie was due to be in his office in half an hour. Would there be any real way of determining if she was the one sending him the messages? Should he just ask her straight up? No, can’t do that. It’s probably not even her. He’d seem like a freak, not to mention extremely unprofessional.

Ryan swallowed some coffee and checked his emails. Another Facebook message, again from M.

“I’m watching you, handsome,” was all it said.

Ryan instinctively looked up from his monitor and scanned the nearby hallways and offices through the huge glass windows that encased his office. A few men and women were either milling around, or sitting at their desks concentrating on various tasks. Nobody was looking his way. No one paid him any mind.

“I feel like I’m getting paranoid,” he whispered to himself. He still wasn’t sure whether to be excited by the attention, or concerned.

He caught up on some paperwork and finished his coffee, killing time between now and his appointment with Melanie Mitchell. Ryan found it hard to concentrate. This ‘stalker’, or whatever she was, continually played on his mind and disrupted his thoughts.

Eventually the half an hour crawled by and he waited expectantly for his nine-thirty appointment.

His intercom buzzed. He pressed a button to answer it.

“Melanie Mitchell is here to see you,” came Natalie’s sweet voice.

“Thanks, Nat. Send her through.”

Ryan waited, feeling a touch nervous. A woman dressed in a dark blue suit jacket and matching skirt approached the office door. She knocked and entered. Ryan rose from his chair to greet her. Melanie came over to his desk and they briefly shook hands. She took a seat.

Melanie Mitchell looked to be around late twenties or very early thirties. She had shoulder-length straight blonde hair which framed her pretty face. Her light blue eyes looked at him with a curious glint and Ryan realized he was staring, his thoughts on other things besides business finance.

“So how can I be of assistance, Melanie?”

For the next twenty minutes Ryan focused on the job at hand, going through Melanie’s business plan for a proposed expansion of her cosmetics enterprise. Every so often his mind would wander, wondering whether this attractive young woman before him was the one responsible for the lewd messages. Then he would silently chastise himself and get his thinking back on track. This was purely business.

“You’ve put together a very sound and detailed business plan. What you propose sounds entirely feasible; especially considering your successful track record so far. Just a couple of things to consider.

When Ryan was through voicing his ideas, he leaned back in his chair, staring at her again.

“What?” Melanie wanted to know, smiling uncertainly. “You were looking at me that same way when I first arrived.”

Ryan shook his head. “Sorry. I was just wondering if we’ve met before. You seem familiar.”

Melanie briefly considered the possibility, then shook her head adamantly. “I don’t think so. You don’t look familiar to me at all. And I always remember faces.”

‘You’re probably right,” Ryan agreed. Melanie stood up to leave. Ryan got to his feet and they shook hands again. “Thanks for coming in.”

She smiled. “Thank you for your advice. I’ll make another appointment with you when I reach the next phase of the plan.”

When she’d gone and Ryan was alone again, he pondered the woman for a moment, then reached the conclusion that it was highly unlikely Melanie Mitchell was the one leaving him messages. He pulled the list of staff names starting with ‘M’ from his briefcase and studied it.

So what was the plan now? Go through the entire building in search of the six women on his list and try and meet them all? And say what? Are you the girl stalking me? Are you the woman who wants to take my cock down your throat?

Ryan sighed heavily. He wasn’t sure if there was anything he could do about it right now. At least not until his admirer made contact again.

He quickly logged onto Facebook before his next appointment and sent M a brief message.

“Who are you?” he typed and clicked send.

*  *  *

It was dark when Ryan got home that evening. Being a Friday he decided to eat out for a change, just choosing to have a roast dinner at the local golf club.

He checked his mailbox before going inside, but didn’t find any new notes from M. There had been nothing on his car windscreen at the end of the day either. Suddenly she’d gone quiet.

Before taking a shower he switched his computer on and checked his emails. Nothing. Now he felt like he was missing the attention. It was something to break up the monotony of his mundane life.

One day of messages and notes and then all over with? he wondered as he let the shower douse his head with warm water.

He soaped himself up, rinsed, turned off the taps and shook his head like a dog to dislodge the excess water from his hair. Stepping out onto a bath mat to towel off, Ryan glimpsed his naked image in the mirror above the vanity. He smiled at himself, patted his flat stomach and felt satisfied that he was still in pretty good shape for his age.

After leaving the bathroom he went into the bedroom and slipped into a white toweling bathrobe. A coffee was made and he went out onto the patio to drink it under the stars. No sooner had he sat down and got comfortable when his cell phone rang. He took one hurried sip of coffee and got up to answer it.

On the kitchen bench his phone vibrated as it belted out an Oasis ringtone. The LCD screen told him the call was from a private number.

He pressed the send button and put the phone to his ear. “Hello? Ryan speaking.”

There was a pause, then a soft, silken voice said, “Hi, Ryan.”

“Who’s this?” Ryan wanted to know, already pretty sure that it was his stalker.

“This is M,” the feminine voice crooned.

At least she’s female, he thought with some relief.

“But who are you really?” he insisted.

M ignored the question. “I want you to talk dirty to me, Ryan. Get me all horny and really, really wet.”

Ryan smiled. “I don’t even know you.”

“Do you have to know me to talk dirty to me?”

He was stumped for a second. “I don’t know. You obviously seem to know me.”

Silence. Then, “I’ve seen you around, but we don’t know each other. Talk dirty to me, Ryan.” She repeated. “I’m lying on my bed naked. Right now I’m running my free hand over my beautiful big breasts. Now I’m tracing a line down my stomach. Down further. My legs are spread wide apart. My pussy lips are open and waiting; waiting for you to touch them and taste them. My fingers are rubbing my clit now. It’s hard. I’m so aroused. I wish you were here so you could fuck my brains out.”

Ryan’s cock was like a steel rod in his underwear. He felt like whipping it out and beating off to her seductive voice and words. For now he refrained.

“Aren’t you going to say anything?” she urged gently.

“I’m, ah, at a loss for words. What do you want me to say?”

“Anything, so long as it’s dirty. Tell me how much you wanna fuck me.”

Ryan hesitated. He hadn’t done the phone sex thing in many years and felt kind of stupid talking dirty to a woman he’d never met. But then again, what did it matter? It sure beat spending yet another boring evening all alone.

“I want to fuck you,” he said.

She giggled. “Say it like you mean it.”

With his free hand Ryan started playing with his cock through his underwear and said into the phone, “I wanna fuck you. I want to slip my hard cock deep inside your hot, wet pussy.”

“That’s better. Would you like to go down on my pussy and taste my juices?”

“I’d love to sample your sweet juice, lick and suck on your clit and thrust my tongue deep inside your cunt.”

“Oh, God. That’s getting me there. I’m fingering my pussy now. It’s so wet. Your dirty talk is really getting me horny. Are you naked?”

“I’m wearing underwear and a bathrobe.”

“Take your clothes off.”

“Okay. Hang on.” Ryan put the phone down and slipped out of his robe and boxer shorts. His dick was hard and pointing towards the ceiling. He picked up the phone. “Okay. I’m completely naked now.”

“That’s better,” came the sensual reply. “Is your cock nice and hard?’

“Yes. I wish you were here so I could slip it inside you. I need some sex,” he said honestly.

“I know you do. So do I. Tomorrow night you will get to fuck me for real. Tonight we’re just going to fuck over the phone. Okay?”

“Okay,” Ryan found himself agreeing as if he wasn’t really in control of himself anymore. He had his cock in his hand now and was gently stroking it up and down.

“Imagine that your big, juicy cock is in my mouth right now. My wet tongue is licking your hard shaft while my lips are wrapped tightly around the head. Then I take it all the way into my mouth until it touches the back of my throat. Now I’m playing with your balls while I’m deep-throating your meat. You taste so good.”

Ryan pumped his cock faster. “I think we should have a sixty-niner.”

“That’s a good idea, Ryan.”

“You’re on top of me taking my cock down your throat like you said while your delicious pussy is sitting on my face. I thrust my tongue deep inside you, tasting you, drinking your honey.”

“And I start stroking your cock with my hand while I suck you harder and harder, getting all the more turned on by the feel of your tongue in my cunt. I get you almost to the point of climax, then I stop just in time and your tingles slowly subside.”

“Yeah, well I can’t cum yet. I have to fuck you first.”

“That’s right. I need your dick inside me now. My pussy is squirming, begging to be filled. She needs you. Right now. Deep inside me. Fill me up, Ryan. Fuck me, please!”

“Your pussy feels so hot and wet as a slide my cock inside you. You’re so tight. It feels fantastic. Can you feel me inside you?”

“God, yeah,” M replied, breathing heavily over the phone. “You’re in so deep. You feel so big. Fuck me hard, Ryan. Make me cum all over your beautiful cock.”

Standing there on the tiles near the kitchen, Ryan wanked his cock faster. Pre cum was dribbling from the tip, dripping onto the floor.

“What position do you want to be in?” he asked M.

“Just fuck me on top. I wanna kiss you and touch your chest as you give it to me.”

“Okay,” he began, his breaths becoming more shallow as his excitement grew, “my tongue is in your mouth. Our lips are pressed hard together. Your mouth tastes incredible. My cock is buried deep in your cunt. I keep thrusting into you; harder, faster, deeper. Your nails dig into my back as I pound you into the bed. I wanna make you cum. I want you to explode.

“I can’t seem to get my tongue deep enough into your mouth. I’m so hungry for you. Our kissing is really wet and heated now. Your hips are thrusting off the mattress to meet my every stroke. My cock is hammering into the end of your tunnel. Your clitoris is getting rubbed hard as our bodies slam and grind together. I can sense you’re getting really close now. You want to cum. You need to cum-”

M squealed with delight over the phone. Her breathing was loud in his ear. She moaned and panted some more, followed by another squeal. Then just ragged breathing.

“You just made me orgasm for real, Ryan,” she told him the obvious.

Ryan was flogging his cock hard now. “Tell me how it felt. I want to cum while I listen to you telling me how good it was.”

“It was fantastic. Mind-blowing. You’re a great lover, Ryan. Your cock is so big and hard. You got me so fucking wet just now. It almost felt like you were really fucking me. I could feel your cock slamming into my hole, in and out, faster and faster. It didn’t take me long to cream my juice all over my bed.

“Tomorrow night it’ll all be real. I’m gonna take your cock into my mouth and suck you so hard, Ryan. Then I’m gonna give you the ride of your life. My pussy will be bouncing up and down on your hard shaft.”

“I’m gonna cum,” he told her.

Ryan’s hand was a blur as he went for gold. His body tensed. Tingles sent shivers through him. His cock stiffened further, then the first shot of cum exploded from the head of his cock and landed on the tiles five feet from him. The second shot went even further. He kept on ejaculating until a dozen shots of cum were splattered in wet patches on the floor.

“Fuck,” he exclaimed into the phone when he was done. “That was intense.”

“Did you explode your juice everywhere?’ M asked.

“Yes. All over my kitchen floor.”

She giggled. “That’ll take some cleaning up. Don’t worry, tomorrow night you won’t be coming on your kitchen floor. You’ll be doing that inside my pussy.”

Ryan felt very relaxed now after his climax, but keener than ever for the real thing. “Where will I meet you?” he asked her.

“Patience,” she told him. “I’ll message you on Facebook later tonight with instructions. Okay?”


The phone clicked in his ear. M was gone.

Ryan put the phone on the bench and grabbed a roll of paper towel from a kitchen cupboard. After mopping up the mess he’d made, he put his clothes back on, made a fresh cup of coffee and went back outside to drink it.

As he gazed up at the stars that twinkled brightly in a black, moonless sky, his mind went over what had just happened. The phone call had really got him turned on and, stalker or not, he was keen as hell to meet M in the flesh. Right now his life wasn’t boring, and that had to be a good thing. He sipped some coffee.

“I still don’t know who she is,” he said softly to himself. “Guess I’ll find out tomorrow night.”

His hormones were racing for the rest of the evening, licentious thoughts flickering through his mind like snippets from a dirty movie. Periodically his cock would spring to life, eager for some action. Real action. It had been a while. So long he’d almost forgotten what sex actually felt like.

Was this woman someone at work? Was she a past client? An acquaintance? A friend of a friend? Did it even matter? Did he have to know her or know who she was? They were going to meet for sex, and if that’s what they both wanted, did anything else even really matter at the end of the day?

After he finished his third coffee he ducked inside to check his emails. A couple of work related messages. Nothing from M yet.

Ryan paced the living room floor, feeling a little impatient now. Coffee probably wasn’t helping. He went into the kitchen and poured a shot of bourbon and downed it, then followed it up with another. The liquor seared his throat but it felt good. Warmed him.

It was now midnight and Ryan had just about given up and gone to bed when M finally sent him the Facebook message. It read:

Come to the Red Lion Motel tomorrow night at nine PM. Room One. M.

The message said nothing else.

Ryan knew the motel. It was on the outskirts of town in the foothills of the nearby mountains. So he was finally going to get to meet her in the flesh. What would she look like? he wondered. Her voice over the phone was extremely sexy. That didn’t guarantee her looks would match her voice though.

So she wanted a dirty night in an out-of-town motel. As he’d thought the day before, he was double-minded as to whether he should be excited or a little concerned. He didn’t know this person and she could be leading him into anything.

Ryan forced the negativity from his mind and concentrated instead on the excitement factor. He had no enemies and didn’t foresee an plausible reason why M would be planning anything else for him other than a night of hot sex. Why she’d chosen him for sex, he didn’t yet know. Maybe he never would know the answer to that?

He went to bed then but found it difficult to sleep. Their phone conversation kept playing through his mind. He was horny as hell and couldn’t wait for tomorrow night.

*  *  *

Ryan awoke at eight AM with a raging hard on. He was tempted to relieve himself but decided to save it for tonight. He spent the day doing mundane chores like grocery shopping and house cleaning. As the sun eventually started to set on a day that seemed to take an eternity to get through, Ryan’s last task to fill in time was to clean the pool. By the time he was done it was almost fully dark.

Only a few hours now until his rendezvous with M.

Dinner was another microwave meal he’d bought that day, which he washed down with a beer. After dinner he groomed himself, had a shave, trimmed various areas of body hair and took a shower. Some nice cologne was rather liberally sprayed on his torso, then he dressed in black jeans, a navy blue shirt and a black leather jacket. When he checked his appearance in the full length mirror in the bedroom, he wondered whether subconsciously he’d deliberately dressed all in dark clothing.

Was it an effort to disguise himself under the cover of darkness?

He kind of felt like he was up to no good, as if he were sneaking out to have a sordid affair with a casual lover. In a way he was, but he wasn’t doing anything behind anyone’s back. There was no one in his life.

He checked his watch. It was time to go.

As he drove west towards the mountains outside of town, his skin tingled with a mixture of nerves, anticipation and excitement. And lust. He found he had an erection for most of the journey. It was starting to make his balls ache, having a hard cock restricted inside his pants for a long period of time. He needed to unleash it and soon he would.

The Red Lion Motel materialized out of the darkness under the illumination of his headlights. It was a relatively small building of only a dozen rooms, nestled into the hillside amidst a grove of pine forest.

He parked the car outside the first room on the left, assuming that would be Room One. It was. Another vehicle was parked down the other end of the L-shaped building. The only other vehicle he saw was a car parked in darkness down the side of the manager’s office.

Stepping up onto the porch he stood in front of the door to Room One. He tried to peer in the window but saw only darkness. Was she even here yet? He checked his watch. Right on time.

It was then that he noticed something lying on the mat outside the door. He stooped to pick it up and found a black mask, the kind that people wear to block out light when trying to sleep. Under the mask was a sheet of note paper, on which was written:

Put the blindfold on and knock on the door.

Ryan did so, positioning the material over his eyes and holding it in place with the elastic strap pulled tight behind his head. He hesitated for just a second, hand raised, then knocked firmly on the door three times and waited.

He heard someone approach the door from the other side. A lock clicked. There was a slight creak as the door swung open. The sweet and alluring scent of perfume filled his nostrils. A hand gently gripped his forearm and he was guided across the threshold. There was the sound of the door closing behind him.

“Hello, Ryan.”

He recognized the voice as that of M. Still clutching his arm, M dragged him a few feet further where his legs hit the edge of a bed. He fell forward onto it, more out of accident than a deliberate maneuver. There he rolled over onto his back and sat up, legs resting on the carpeted floor.

“You can take the blindfold off now.”

Ryan slipped it off his head and dropped it on the floor.

The room was as dark as a tomb. All he could make out were very indistinct shadows. M stood before him, but he could hardly see her; just a silhouette of a woman with a classic hourglass shape. He reached out and touched her. Felt bare skin. He briefly explored her body with his hands in the darkness. She was completely naked.

M giggled. “You couldn’t wait to get your hands on me, could you,” she said.

He slipped his jacket off. M was down on the floor untying his shoes. When those were removed, she went to work unzipping his jeans while Ryan struggled out of his shirt. Within seconds he was down to his underwear. However, they didn’t stay on long. M had the elastic waistband in her grip and she eagerly had them down his legs in no time.

“Are you going to switch a light on?” Ryan asked, already knowing the answer to that question.

“No. I like it dark. It intensifies the power of your other senses; especially the sense of touch in this case.”

Ryan felt the lips of her mouth encase the head of his already erect cock. Her mouth felt extremely hot and wet in the darkness. M was right. His sense of feel was definitely heightened. It felt absolutely incredible the way she was working her mouth up and down his shaft. Last night it had all been fantasy over the phone. Right now it was satisfyingly real.

His eyes had adjusted somewhat to the darkness of the room, but everything was still just shades of black and dark gray. M must have put blackout curtains over the windows to get the room so dark.

He closed his eyes and concentrated on the feel of M’s lips and tongue hard at work on his genitals. He’d shaved the hair on his testicles earlier that evening as part of his grooming. M took advantage of that and sucked his balls into her mouth, both at the same time. She was very gentle and didn’t hurt him. Her mouth was extremely wet around his sack and he could feel saliva oozing from her lips and dripping onto his inner thighs. He had the sudden urge to kiss her deeply, but didn’t want to interrupt the attention she was giving his cock and balls.

“Suck it again,” he whispered.

“Say please,” she crooned.


“Please, what?”

“Please suck my cock again.”

And she did, this time driving her mouth down hard on his throbbing erection until the entire length was deep down her throat. He felt her fingers on his balls as she sucked, teasing them with gentle caresses that tickled just slightly. M worked her mouth up and down, making wet, slurping sounds as she gorged his manhood. She ran her hands firmly up his thighs, then his stomach and up to his chest, all the while never taking his dick out of her mouth.

Ryan sighed heavily in the darkness. “That feels phenomenal.”

“Good,” she said, then took a mouthful of hard cock again.

“Remember what I said last night on the phone? About a sixty-niner?”

Ryan need say no more. M climbed onto the bed and lowered her steaming hot pussy onto his waiting mouth. She resumed sucking his cock while Ryan hungrily lashed her cunt with his desperate tongue.

He virtually ravaged her juice-soaked pussy, devouring it, drinking the sweet nectar from her lips and tunnel, probing her mysterious inner depths as far as his tongue could stretch. He couldn’t get enough of her. It was like his very first time going down on a woman. Her pussy was addictive; the smell, the taste, the feel.

She stopped sucking his cock and exclaimed, “Fuck that feels good! Where did you learn to eat pussy like that?”

“Where did you learn to suck cock the way you do?” he returned.

She climbed off him then and he felt her turn around on the bed. A pair of slender legs straddled his body, moving down to his hips. He felt her hand grab his cock and hold it upright. Her wet pussy was lowered onto the head. Inch by inch his cock was slowly swallowed by M’s scorching vagina until his meat had sunk in up to his balls. She raised up until his dick almost popped out of her, then collapsed back down on him again quite heavily.

M went hard early, slamming her body down onto him, their flesh coming together with slapping sounds. A river of warm juice trickled over his balls and onto the bed. She was so incredibly wet. She leaned forward then so her face was only inches from his and licked at his chin, his cheeks and his lips.

“You’re covered in my juice,” she said and licked him fervently all over his face. Her tongue plunged into his mouth as her pussy plunged onto his cock. “I really needed this. I needed to be well and truly fucked proper tonight.”

Ryan met her thrusts, pushing up from the mattress while holding a cheek of her firm ass in each hand. Their timing was totally in sync and it felt like riding gentle ocean swells while lying in the bottom of a boat.

“Fuck it,” Ryan urged.


“Fuck it.”


“Fuck my cock. Fuck it hard!”

While she rode him expertly their mouths and tongues clashed again in a wet and heated battle. Ryan couldn’t get enough of her lips and tongue. He devoured her, sucked her tongue into his mouth and drank the moisture from it. He was that turned on he could barely breathe. The urge to pound her overcame him and he pushed her off.

In the darkness he positioned M on her hands and knees and entered her from the rear. While he fucked her he moistened her anus by drenching his finger with saliva and then probing her butt hole. Then he withdrew his cock from her cunt and jammed it firmly into her ass.

Her anus felt like a tight rubber ring around his cock. M moaned loudly and screeched in ecstasy as he pounded into her ass. Again he pulled out and returned his cock to her soaking pussy. He alternated like this for several minutes, culminating in M having her first explosive orgasm of the night.

He didn’t let her rest. Ryan flipped her over, spread her legs wide apart and entered her again. He could still hardly see a thing. It was all about feel and touch. And she felt unbelievable. He took hold of her generous breasts and held them like handles as he thrust into her relentlessly. He wanted to cum. The night was still young, so there was plenty of time for more sex.

Ryan stroked in and out like a machine. In no time his eager sperm left his sack and was shot out the head of his cock. His cum splashed the walls of her tunnel where it blended with her own juices. He grunted loudly each time a wad of cum left his dick.

M’s hands were on his face, feeling every feature, playing with his lips. He licked her fingers as his orgasm subsided, then he collapsed into her arms.

“I needed that,” he said softly.

“I know you did. So did I.”

Ryan lay there in her arms for a while longer, then eventually rolled off onto the mattress on his back. He closed his eyes and relaxed, feeling relieved and at peace. He didn’t speak the words just now but still wondered about M.

Who was this hot, sexy, ravishing woman fucking him in the darkness of this dingy motel room?

He felt himself dozing off, only to awaken sometime later to the feel of M’s hand wanking his cock back to full hardness. Without saying a word she climbed onto it and rode him in the reverse cowgirl position.

Ryan reached around her and firmly squeezed her breasts as she fucked him for the second time that night.

“I like that,” she encouraged him. “Pinch the nipples.”

He did as she asked and twisted her nipples quite hard.



“Don’t be. It feels really good.”

As he continued to pinch and twist and squeeze her boobs and nipples, Ryan concentrated on the feel of her wet pussy sliding up and down his shaft. As she withdrew he felt the juice cool on his skin, only to have his cock heated up again the instant she plunged back down.

Every stroke swallowed him to his balls. The speed of her thrusts increased. Every lunge was more powerful than the last. Her long hair tickled his face. In the gloom he couldn’t even tell what color it was.

M’s body went rigid as she drove down onto him. Her pussy tightened around his cock. Her breaths became shorter and more urgent, her moaning louder.

The bed creaked and groaned in protest under the vigorous onslaught of their lovemaking. M didn’t let up the pace. Up and down his cock she went, drilling his hard rod into her. She was getting close. He could feel the tension in her body. She panted really fast. A squeal escaped her lips, followed by a tremendous howl as the orgasm blasted through her entire being.

“Oh...God!” she screamed. “Fuck!”

Just when he thought she was done, another wave of euphoria swept over her and she came again. Then a third time. Eventually her multiple climax subsided and she slumped on top of him, all sweaty and exhausted.

He held her lithe body in his arms. It felt so damn good to hold a woman close to him again, skin to skin.

“Don’t worry,” she whispered in the darkness. “I won’t leave you unsatisfied. I have a special surprise for you. Just let me rest a minute.”

While she lay there Ryan kissed her shoulders and the top of her back, his hands tenderly stroking her breasts. A few minutes later she got off the bed. He heard her cross the floor, and then the sound of a bar fridge door opening. Ryan thought he might catch a glimpse of her in the light, but no light came on. The sound of a plastic container opening, something removed, then she returned to the bed making sucking noises.

A moment later his semi-erect cock was taken into her mouth and he flinched in surprise.

Her lips and tongue were freezing cold from the ice cubes she had been sucking. The sensation on his sensitive flesh was unusual, but far from unpleasant. It was different and it was exciting.

She worked his dick in and out of her mouth in a steady motion, every so often running her tongue down his shaft and licking his balls. Her mouth had returned to normal temperature now and it felt so fucking good on his dick. M concentrated on the head and sucked it hard, then harder still. Ryan could feel her literally sucking the cum out of his sack. With little warning it surged up his shaft and spurted into her mouth. She swallowed some and let the excess dribble down his cock as he continued to fill her mouth.

It seemed like he had an endless stream of cum. Somehow he ejaculated more than he had the first time tonight. Maybe it was the way she milked him? Or maybe it was the initial effect of the ice? Either way he didn’t care. He was more than happy to explode down her throat, and M seemed more than content to accept his sticky offering.

Finally his balls were completely empty and he gasped with pleasure and sexual contentment.

“That was so good,” he told her. “Thank you.”

She lay down beside him and kissed him. “My pleasure, sexy.”

Ryan was so relaxed he felt suddenly very sleepy. In no time he drifted off into a deep slumber with M’s face nuzzled into his neck.

*  *  *

He awoke to daylight creeping in around the edges of the blackout curtains. Still drowsy, he felt the bed beside him. It was empty.

Ryan sat bolt upright, suddenly wide awake, and looked all around in the dim light.

M was nowhere to be seen.

He searched the small bathroom. Not in there. Getting dressed quickly, Ryan stepped outside into bright morning sunlight. He squinted against the sudden harsh glare and waited for his eyes to adjust. When they had he scanned the car park. Nothing.

In the manager’s office he found a short, balding middle-aged man sitting behind a desk watching sport on cable TV.

“The woman from Room One,” Ryan said. “Where is she?”

The man didn’t take his eyes from the screen. “How the hell should I know? Gone home probably.”

“What name did she book under?” Ryan wanted to know.

The man shrugged and shook his head. “No name. No details. She paid cash up front and I don’t ask no questions.”

“Fuck!” Ryan spat and went back outside. “Damn it.”

Feeling frustrated and somewhat deflated that he’d failed to discover her identity, Ryan got into his BMW and headed for home. As he drove he thought about last night and wondered if he’d ever see her again.
Who the hell was M?

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Hot and Steamy: Sizzling Sex Stories

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