Monday, February 20, 2012

Whispers from the Grave

When seventeen year old April suffers some personal problems, her parents send her to the country to stay with her aunt and uncle in their very old house. No sooner does April arrive when a young man from the afterlife makes contact with her. Step by step he guides April in solving a 100 year old mystery, giving redemption to his spirit, and in the process, helping April to restore her own sanity. This is a novelette of approximately 15,000 words.

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Tuesday, February 7, 2012


Chris is out in the hills taking photos of the cityscape when he spies a strange green light in the night sky. He manages to snap off some hurried photos as the light moves erratically towards him. Something very bizarre happens to him as the object moves overhead. A pinprick of light enters his right eye and does something to his brain. From that point on life becomes surreal as Chris discovers he's developing some incredible new abilities. But Chris begins to wonder if his new life is a blessing or a curse as he puts himself to the test and seeks out a noble cause for his talents. This is a short story of approximately 16,500 words.

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