Sunday, November 23, 2014

Erotica: Greatest Hits #2

Read 15 of the hottest adult stories all in one awesome anthology. Indulge the senses, dim the lights and spice up your love life with this great read! Adults only 18+

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Monday, November 10, 2014

Lust in Space

Best friends Angela and Lisa have been having an ongoing affair aboard a spaceship. Nate is not only the captain of the ship, but also Angela's husband. When he walks in on the pair one day the action quickly turns into a sexy three-way, which is a fantasy come true for luscious Lisa.

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Thursday, October 30, 2014

Bedroom Eyes (Short Erotica)

Isabelle is always hearing the same words: She has bedroom eyes. When she goes to a friend's party she meets handsome Casey in the pool. He takes one look at her and says the same thing. As the alcohol and conversation flow the two get close and personal, and soon Isabelle finds herself in Casey's bed having the time of her life.

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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Tasting Tina

When his best friend lines him up with a sure thing, Chad can't resist stepping out to meet gorgeous Tina. It's been a while since his last intimate encounter. Far too long. It was high time he broke the drought and who better to do that with than this hot blonde.

Tasting Tina

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Saturday, September 27, 2014

Erotica: Greatest Hits #1

Read 15 of the hottest adult stories all in one awesome anthology. Indulge the senses, dim the lights and spice up your love life with this great read!

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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Amelia's Fantasy

Amelia is over relationships for the time being. What she's really craving right now is a secret tryst, something casual and completely anonymous. She arranges a meeting with handsome Brad and they book a room at an inner-city hotel for their rendezvous, where their passion explodes in a fusion of body heat.

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Saturday, August 16, 2014

All In: 25 Erotic Stories

25 erotic short stories from the hot and bothered mind of Emily Cantore!

To buy individually would cost a bundle!

More than 130,000 words of first-time lesbians, threesomes, girls experimenting, sex toys and much more. Guaranteed to warm you up and get your mind racing!

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Thoughts of Success: The Ultimate Success Manifesto

This manifesto is the foundation for learning more about being successful in life. Learn how to take any challenge and turn it into a success. My overall goal is to help others to realize their dreams and reach their goals by teaching them what I have learned and implemented in my life. Through this, I hope to motivate and inspire others to take action towards a happier and more successful life.

Some of the things you will learn include:

Creating your world through mind control
Success state of mind
Action oriented repeatable success habits
Failure is no longer an option
Making a plan on paper
What it takes to score a goal
You must use the "ACT" in act-ion

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Thursday, August 14, 2014

X-Rated Hardcore Erotica Boxed Set - On sale for a limited time!! Only 99c!

On sale for a limited time!! Only 99c!

X-Rated Hardcore Erotica boxed set is a collection of erotic short stories involving a spicy array of sexual encounters. Sex between couples, group sex, swinging, threesomes and partner swapping all take place in this exquisite selection of erotica. Indulge your deepest fantasies and arouse your desires by reading these adult tales. Adults only 18+

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Friday, August 8, 2014

Jessica's Seduction: Boxed Set Collection

Jessica's Seduction is the ultimate romance boxed set collection. Even though the first book in the series is permafree, it has been included to create the complete set in one convenient mega anthology. The other 5 books in the series retail individually for $3.99 each, so at this special boxed set collection price the reader is saving a more than 50% for the complete series!

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Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Real Life Dramas: Boxed Set Collection

 This digital boxed set contains all 3 volumes of the popular Real Life Dramas series. With 23 gripping stories spanning more than 600 pages, the reader is guaranteed many hours of reading pleasure.

There are no more enthralling stories than those that are true….Real life scenarios of danger, suspense and intrigue that involve real people. These accounts have been dramatized in story form. Stories of triumph, survival, greed and tragedy.

Read them if you dare…

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Sunday, August 3, 2014

Tropical Heat: Boxed Set

Save, Save, Save!! 7 great stories for a bargain price, available for a limited time only! $15 value for only 99c!

Second Honeymoon
Kayla Takes Two
Fantasy Island
Fun With Rick and Jane
Lose Your Inhibitions
Stud Sandwich
Party Cruise

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Friday, August 1, 2014

Night Realm: Boxed Set

This special edition boxed set includes both great novels in the Night Realm series at a bargain price!

Night Realm

Night Realm is a Paranormal Detective novel set on Australia's Gold Coast. It is the story of private detective, Ryan Fox. When he meets the beautiful Selena Thorne, Ryan’s life takes a detour into a dark world he thought only existed in folklore and in the minds of movie producers. Selena hires Ryan to acquire the unusual research of scientist, Doctor Marlon Becker. Becker is a haematologist and an expert in blood disorders. When Ryan discovers what the focus of Becker’s research is, it puts a whole new spin on things.

Chelsea, Ryan's teenage sister, meets Travis and she soon realizes there is something very different about this attractive and mysterious new boy in town. A relationship quickly develops .No sooner has Chelsea fallen for Travis when she learns he’s not actually what he seems.

Meanwhile, Homicide Detective David Marks investigates a spate of strange murders, where victims appear to have had every drop of blood drained from their bodies, with the only apparent injuries being two puncture wounds on the throat. With no solid leads on a suspect and more people dying every few days, Marks is getting nowhere fast in his quest to apprehend the killer.

As the story unfolds the lives of the characters - both human and vampire - come together in a gripping climax where not everyone comes out alive, and not everything goes as planned.

Night Realm 2: Scarlett Dawn

This sequel to Night Realm continues the story of private detective, Ryan Fox. He's loving life, has plenty of work, more money, and he is now dating the beautiful Selena Thorne. Thinking the evil world of vampires is now far behind him, life couldn't be better for Ryan. That is, until he receives a call from German scientist, Dr Marlon Becker.

Needing vampire blood to complete his latest research, Becker coaxes Ryan and Selena into going back to Germany with him, where they hunt down the vampires that killed Becker's associates more than a decade ago. After successfully completing the mission, the trio return to Australia with fresh vampire blood. Only problem is, someone has a hidden agenda. All it takes is a few drops of the blood to turn someone, and that someone is Scarlett.

Scarlett Hayes, a sixteen year old runaway, relishes her new life as an elite member of the living dead. With absolutely no empathy and no soul, Scarlett goes on a rampage, killing people while turning others, ultimately creating a small army that she controls.

With the darkest of nights approaching, Ryan must delve into Scarlett's past in order to find a way to stop her and prevent even greater carnage. Time is fast running out. If he doesn't find Scarlett soon, then thousands more will surely die.

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Porn Star: Boxed Set

This special edition boxed set includes all three books in the popular Porn Star series. Kandy Kane is an adult actress and she loves her job. With a high sex drive and an insatiable appetite for sex of all kinds, she is in the perfect industry. Follow Kandy's sexual exploits as she puts on a tantalizing show for the cameras. Adults only 18+

Porn Star 1

Kandy Kane is an adult actress and she loves her job. With a high sex drive and an insatiable appetite for sex of all kinds, she is in the perfect industry. Follow Kandy's sexual exploits as she puts on a tantalizing show for the cameras, followed by an all-in sex party at a producer's mansion.

Porn Star 2

Porn Star 2 continues to follow the story of Kandy Kane, an adult actress who loves her job. With a high sex drive and an insatiable appetite for sex, she is in the perfect industry. Kandy is on the road, doing a tour of Europe, involving herself in hot scenes with the sexy locals; and all caught of camera.

Porn Star 3

Porn Star 3 continues to follow the story of adult actress, Kandy Kane With a high sex drive and an insatiable appetite for sex, she is in the perfect industry and loves her work. Kandy's services are still in demand, and in this story she makes love on a tropical beach, followed by a group scene a few nights later out in the woods.

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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Pleasure Zone: Fantasy

Pleasure Zone: Fantasy is book 3 in this hot new erotica series! From couples to threesomes and groups, kinky contests and role play, this collection has something to arouse everyone's sexual desire. So dim the lights, get naked and indulge your senses. Adults only 18+

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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Blown Away: Winner Takes All

Danny knows some exotic dancers and he's come up with a novel idea. He invites three of his mates and four of his best girls over for an evening of drinks, competition and hot sexy fun. Which girl wins the novel contest and just what will be her prize? Adults only 18+

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Monday, July 28, 2014

Sun, Sand and Sex

Matt is a bit of an alpha male and he's not shy with the ladies. While on vacation at a tropical island resort with his friends, Matt puts his many charms to work hooking up with hot chicks day and night, and there are plenty of them about. He scores his first within a few hours of arriving. Adults only 18+

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Saturday, July 26, 2014

Take Me I'm Yours

Having recently come out of a long relationship, Debbie just wants a casual hook-up, so she joins a dating site for adults seeking casual sex. She connects with John and agrees to meet him for a drink. With their hormones running rampant and the sexual chemistry about to explode, she takes him home and lets him have his way with her Adults only 18+

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Sarah and Ethan visit a swinger's club in the hope of meeting another sexy couple. There they meet Karen and Dean and invite them home for drinks. After swapping partners, inhibitions are lost, clothes are shed and the four indulge in the hottest night of sex any of them have ever had! Adults only 18+

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Friday, July 25, 2014

X-Rated Hardcore Erotica 5

The 5th hot and steamy installment in this adult series, X-Rated Hardcore Erotica 5 really delivers on its promise of stimulating the reader's senses. This collection of erotica involves an array of sexual encounters, including: couples, group sex, swinging and threesomes. So indulge your senses and arouse your deepest desires by reading these saucy tales. Adults only 18+ 

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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Role Play: At Your Service

Alexis orders an assortment of sexy little outfits online. When they arrive she can't wait to try them out. Dressing up as a sexy maid for her husband, she lets him be the boss and order her what to do for his pleasure. Alexis throws herself wholeheartedly into the role of servant girl and makes sure her master is sexually satisfied. Adults only 18+

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Saturday, July 19, 2014

Roll in the Hay

Brian and Rachel set off into the countryside for a picnic. In a field by a stream they come across a stack of hay bales and figure it's a great spot to have lunch. Before long lunch isn't the only thing they're hungry for and they soon start tasting each other's naked flesh. There's nothing like hot sex in the warm sun. Adults only 18+

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Monday, July 14, 2014

Deep Throat

Lexi is a young woman with a very special talent. Geoff has the hots for her and arranges to meet Lexi for drinks. Later that evening he discovers just how skillful she can be with that beautiful mouth of hers. But the fun doesn't end there. She wants him to be her FWB and even agrees to show Geoff's friends just how far she can take things. Adults only 18+

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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Smoking Hot Sex Stories: Volume 3

Smoking Hot Sex Stories: Volume 3 is the latest book in a sexy new erotica series. From couples to threesomes and groups, love and passionate lust, this collection has something to arouse everyone's sexual desire. So dim the lights, get naked and indulge your wildest fantasies! Adults only 18+

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Monday, June 30, 2014

Pleasure Zone: Vivid Sex Tales

Pleasure Zone: Vivid Sex Tales is book two in a hot new erotica series! From couples to threesomes and groups, squirting and sexual instruction, this collection has something to arouse everyone's sexual desire. So dim the lights, get naked and indulge yourself. Adults only 18+

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Saturday, June 28, 2014

G Spot (Erotica)

On his way home from a business convention and holed up in a hotel for the night with not much to do, to pass the time Ian does some research on his laptop and learns all he can about a woman's elusive G Spot. Armed with his newfound knowledge, he wants to surprise his wife the next day when he arrives home and gives Carla some of the most intense orgasms she's ever had, with loads of squirting fun! Adults only 18+

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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Humping Iron

When Derek goes to the gym late one night, the last thing he expects is to be seduced by Penny, the hot and sexy gym manager. After killing the lights and locking the door, Penny comes onto him. So, instead of pumping iron, Derek ends up pumping her. Adults only 18+

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Friday, June 20, 2014

Meat Market (Erotica)

Friends Paul and Craig attend an organized single's event in the hope of hooking up some available girls for a night of fun. Paul is on fire and doesn't get lucky with just one woman, but two. The first girl will only indulge in foreplay, but the second girl won't stop until they've both had complete sexual satisfaction. Adults only 18+

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Thursday, June 12, 2014

Tunnel of Love

For something different to do, Michael and Tammy explore an old abandoned gold mine, never expecting to find any gold. When they do, excitement gets the better of them and they end up having steamy sex in the tunnel to celebrate their good fortune. Adults only 18+

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Sunday, June 8, 2014

Dirty Girl

Kylie is not a chaste woman. When she goes on vacation to a tropical island resort, her plan is to shag herself senseless; and that's exactly what she does. She first does Tyrone, a young hunk she picks up on the beach when first arriving. Then, that very night, she hooks up with a tourist couple for some hot three way action under the stars! Adults only 18+

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Saturday, May 31, 2014

Greeted With Open Legs

Tim hasn't dated since his divorce so, as a favor to his friend, Brad lines up a blind date for him. Not sure what to expect, Tim is stunned when he meets gorgeous blonde Sasha for dinner. The night doesn't end with the last spoonful of dessert as Sasha invites Tim back to her home for a night cap and a steamy bedroom encounter. Adults only 18+

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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Smoking Hot Sex Stories: Volume 2

Smoking Hot Sex Stories: Volume 2 is the next instalment in a sexy new erotica series of anthologies. From couples to threesomes and groups, love and passionate lust, this collection has something to arouse everyone's sexual desire. So dim the lights, get naked and indulge your wildest fantasies! Adults only 18+

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Monday, April 28, 2014

Smoking Hot Sex Stories: Volume 1

Smoking Hot Sex Stories: Volume 1 is the first book in a sexy new erotica series of anthologies. From couples to threesomes and groups, love and passionate lust, this collection has something to arouse everyone's sexual desire. So dim the lights, get naked and indulge your wildest fantasies! Adults only 18+

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Thursday, April 3, 2014

Pleasure Zone: Sex That Sizzles

Pleasure Zone: Sex That Sizzles is the first book in a hot new erotica series of anthologies. From couples to threesomes and groups, interracial sex and sci-fi, this collection has something to arouse everyone's sexual desire. So dim the lights, get naked and indulge yourself. Adults only 18+

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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Long Ride

Jolene convinces Angela that she should hook up with a black guy because of the obvious physical advantages. Angela agrees and they go to a bar to pick up. While Jolene links up with past lover, Eric, Angela warms to his friend, Leon. Once back home Angela discovers first-hand just what Jolene has been telling her, and now that she's experienced the pleasures of a black man, can she ever go back? Adults only 18+

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Friday, March 21, 2014

The Naked Truth

Author Danny has been assigned to write an article on the modern sex attitudes of women. Relishing the task, Danny sets about interviewing random women on the beach and in bars and clubs. Not only does he glean some juicy stuff to write about, he also gets to live out some scenarios for real and experience their pleasures and desires in the flesh. Adults only 18+

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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Dirty Talk

While waiting to catch a plane and meet his wife at a tropical holiday destination, Paul and Zoe fill in the time by sending one another sexy text messages. When Paul finally arrives in Vanuatu the pair can finally live out their dirty talk and relieve their sexual tension. Adults only 18

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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Jenna and Jade Ride a Cowboy

Jenna and Jade are nude sunbathing in the woods when a hunk on a horse happens upon them. Giving in to temptation he joins the horny girls, and the ladies can't resist sharing his succulent manly flesh. Adults only 18+

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Thursday, January 30, 2014

Casting Couch

Paris is a porn star hopeful, but before adult film producers Owen and Bree can offer her a job, they must first see if she's up to the task. With Bree behind the camera, Owen shows Paris just what it takes to make it in the industry. Adults only 18+

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Friday, January 24, 2014

'Jessica's Seduction' Erotic Romance Series - 1st Book FREE!

Jessica's Seduction is an erotic romance novella and the first in a hot new series (which now totals 6 books).
Jessica's mundane life as a receptionist takes a dramatic turn when Preston Frost comes to town. A successful travel and fashion photographer, self-assured Preston fills in as company head for his dad's refrigeration business when his father takes a holiday. With his good looks and excessive charm, Preston immediately makes a play for Jessica. After resisting him adamantly at first, Jessica soon succumbs to his advances, and the desires of her body and her heart. But can she risk falling for this enigmatic playboy?
Adults only 18+


Read an Excerpt

He turned the pool lights on when he went inside and they rendered the water a light shade of blue. More lightning flickered to the west, and thunder groaned as Jessica stood up and stripped out of her dress. She had a mouthful of wine and wandered to the edge of the deck in her underwear. The pool was surrounded by pavers and a few deck chairs. A fence made of glass enclosed the rectangular pool, and at the far end there was a spa. Jessica wondered if it was heated, or a cold water spa.

Preston returned, dressed only in blue Lycra swimming shorts that were skin-tight, and Jessica couldn’t help but have an extended look at his defined package. He had two towels slung over his left shoulder, and in his right hand he carried the bottle of wine. Jessica's eyes roamed his fit and muscular body as he placed the towels on a chair and topped up their glasses with fresh alcohol. His skin seemed to be tanned all over, as if he had been wandering the jungles of Africa with his clothes off. He turned his attention on her then and made no secret of scanning his eyes over her little figure, clad only in red lacy panties and bra. He smiled and nodded and Jessica took that as a sure sign of approval.

"I'm liking what I'm seeing," he said and handed her a wine glass.

"Thanks," she said and thought, you're not the only one.

Preston picked up the wine bottle and opened the pool gate. "Let's get wet, shall we?"

The water was warm and felt invigorating against Jessica’s skin as she slipped into the pool. Ducking below the surface, she swam down to the deep end and flicked water from her hair when she broke the surface. Holding onto the tiled edge, she looked west and watched the lightning flicker across the black sky. Preston joined her down there and floated in the water close beside her.

“Nice night,” he said as he watched the storm as well. “You don’t seem too anxious about a storm coming.”

She shrugged. “Its more when I’m alone in a storm. I feel okay being with you.”

“Yes. I’m the white knight.”

“You must be.”

Jessica kicked away from the wall then and floated on her back up to the shallow end where the steps were. She sat on those steps and waited for Preston to come and join her. After a moment he did, breast-stroking towards her and coming to a stop at the base of the steps.

“You’re very sexy,” she told him. “But I’m sure plenty of women around the world have told you that before.”

Preston just shrugged and didn’t make any effort to deny it.

“Have you been with many women?” she asked, not sure if she even wanted to hear the answer.

“There have been a few over the years,” he conceded rather ambiguously.

“Relationships or one night stands?”

“Both. Some were relationships, some were casual, ongoing flings, while there have been a good sprinkling of one nighters in there as well.” He came up close to her, floating in the water between her legs, hands on the steps either side of her. “I’m not ashamed of anything I’ve done. Women like me and I’ve had my fun with them. But there’s always respect, and I always let them know where they stand right from the start.”

“And where do I stand?” Jessica wanted to know. “What exactly do you want with me? A one night stand? A casual fling? What?”

He seemed to think about this as thunder rumbled behind him. “To be honest I don’t really know. I’m very attracted to you. I like the way you stand your ground and stick up for yourself. You have internal fortitude and I like that.”

“Thanks for the compliments, but you’re still not answering my question.”

“Like I said, I’m not sure what I want to happen between us. I’ll be honest. I’d love to have sex with you. Why wouldn’t I? I think you’re pretty hot and I enjoy your company.”

“We’re not likely to have a relationship, though, are we?” Jessica said as lightning lit up her face. “In three weeks time, when your father gets back, you’ll probably be heading overseas again on some adventure.”

“Yeah, that’s quite likely,” he admitted. “But let me ask you something, Jess. What is it that you want to happen between us?”

“I’m not sure either. I’m very attracted to you, and I feel an intense physical desire for you. Sometimes your arrogance annoys me, but despite that I quite like you. I don’t know. I want to get involved with you on some level other than friendship or work mates, but I don’t know where it can go. I don’t do one night stands very well. I’ve had a couple, but they’ve always left me feeling kind of empty and alone afterwards. I’m not saying I didn’t enjoy the sex, but it left me wanting more.”

“Listen to us,” Preston said with a smile. “We’re certainly putting it out there tonight.”

“You said a minute ago that you always let a girl know where she stands, but yet you’re telling me that you don’t know what you want with us or where I stand. So where does that leave things?”

His blue eyes looked into hers as he tried to formulate a satisfactory answer.

“I don’t know,” he said eventually. “I do know that I don’t just want a one night stand with you. Beyond that, all we can do is just go with the flow and see where it takes us.” He held up his hands and shrugged. “I could just lie to you and say, yeah, let’s have a relationship, but I don’t want to say that if I don’t know that’s where things are going to go. I’m just being honest with you.”

Jessica smiled a little tightly, not sure what she wanted to do right now. “So I’d at least be a casual fling.”

Preston grimaced. “That doesn’t sound very good, either, does it?”

“I just don’t want to get confused or get hurt,” Jessica was frank.

“Then maybe you shouldn’t get involved with me.”

With those words Preston turned, dove underwater and swam to the other end. He came to the surface and put his elbows on the edge of the pool, where he watched the light show.

Jessica sat on the steps for a good few minutes, thinking. In the end she came to a decision and joined Preston down the other end. She came up behind him and wrapped her arms around him. Her hands wandered all over his chest and abs, feeling the ridges of his muscles as her crotch rubbed up hard against his buttocks.

Just then the wind picked up ahead of the storm. It blew in fast across the pool as lightning licked the sky and thunder announced the impending arrival of the storm.

“Maybe we should get undercover?” Preston suggested and turned around to face her.

“Soon. I think I’m overcoming my fear of storms.”

“Might be dangerous to stay in the pool with lightning around.”

“We’ll get out if it gets bad,” she assured him.

Their lips met. Preston’s were moist with pool water. Jessica nipped at him a few times, then teasingly darted her tongue quickly in and out of his mouth just once. They both smiled, then pressed their hungry mouths firmly together. Preston’s eager tongue snaked into hers and Jessica reciprocated by exploring his delicious mouth with her own tongue. Beneath the water, pressed up against her stomach, Jessica could feel the hardness of his lengthening erection. Down below she was getting very wet, and not from the water. Juice was flooding into her canal as her pussy started to throb. She tongued him furiously as the first light drops of rain were carried in on the wind.

Preston’s hands worked their way down her back until his fingers were squeezing and fondling the firms cheeks of her arse. He aggressively pulled her up hard against him and thrust his cock against her pelvis. Jessica broke the kiss and sighed into the night, feeling more turned on right now than she’d ever felt in her life. She couldn’t remember a time when she was so desperate to have a man deep inside her.

They kissed again. Jessica’s hands were on the move now. She ran her palms up and down the outside of his muscular arms as her tongue lashed his. Their lips were wet and slippery with both saliva and rainwater as the heavens started to open. Her right hand gradually made its way down over his hip, onto his stomach and finally arriving at his cock. She gripped his hardness through the brief swimwear and stroked it vigorously.

Again the kiss was broken and Preston said, “That would feel much better if I was completely naked.”

Jessica smiled and looked to her left, scoping the undercover area. Behind a table and chairs, sheltered from the storm, was an outdoor lounge with lots of comfortable soft padding and cushions. Without saying a word she extricated herself from his arms and climbed out of the pool. She bent, picked up their glasses and made a beeline for shelter. Preston followed her up, carrying the bottle of wine.

The rain bucketed down the moment they reached the patio. It hammered against the thin metal roof with a deafening roar. The wind had died off now, preventing most of the rain from blowing in under the shelter.

Jessica unhooked her bra and her pert and healthy breasts popped free. She felt Preston’s eyes on them as she slipped her soaked panties down her thighs and flicked them away onto the pavers. She picked up one of the towels and dabbed the water from her skin, then watched with keen interest as Preston slipped out of his swimwear. His erection sprang free and stood to attention. It was a good size, possibly the same length as her toy at home. Preston’s testicles hung loosely beneath his hard-on and it appeared that he kept that area well-groomed. Jessica was heavily into grooming herself, using a laser hair remover to eradicate all hair from her pubic region and underarms.. The results didn’t happen instantly, but over time it worked a charm.

“You like what you see,” Preston stated arrogantly as Jessica licked her lips and forced herself to look at his face and not his body.

“You’re all right,” she played it down. Mentally she was salivating for him, anxious to feel his warm naked flesh against her; to kiss and lick and suck and penetrate.

Lightning blazed across the sky. Almost simultaneously thunder cracked like a thousand whips at once. The ground shook and the rain continued to pelt down.

They sat on the lounge together and resumed the passionate kisses they had been partaking of in the pool. When Preston’s hand ran up one of Jessica’s thighs and his fingers probed for access to her private area, Jessica parted her legs and immediately his hand was on her crotch, all soft and warm. His index finger stimulated her erect clitoris and she gasped into his mouth. Feeling overcome with sexual hunger, she sucked ravenously on his tongue before probing her own deep down his throat.

She pulled her face away from his and moaned loudly as two fingers slipped inside her moist interior. Preston eased them in and out of her, his actions drawing more juices into her canal. Jessica opened her legs wider, propping a foot up onto the lounge and leaning back to just enjoy the attention. She was getting wetter and hornier by the second. By now, enveloped in pure pleasure, she was virtually oblivious to the storm that raged around them.

Preston nuzzled her neck and gently bit into the flesh. It felt mildly painful, but excited her at the same time. With her eyes closed and her lips parted, Jessica softly moaned as her lover worked away on pleasuring her tunnel. Her left hand searched out his erection and she gripped it tightly. It was as hard as steel and felt hot in her hand. She worked it up and down a few times, then ran her fingers down to his smooth sack, where she toyed with his testicles. All the while she fantasised what it would be like to take Preston into her mouth and give him head.

That would come soon. Right now Preston was getting onto his knees on the pavers, preparing to bury his face between her thighs and go down on her. The moment his lips and tongue tongued her sensitive flesh, Jessica shivered with excitement and gasped as his tongue slid into her.

“That feels so nice,” she whispered hoarsely, her voice drowned out by the hammering of the rain.

She placed both hands on Preston’s head and gently rocked back and forth against his face. He seemed to be a bit of an expert with his tongue and really knew what pleased a woman. He gave her clitoris plenty of attention, running circles around it and gently sucking on it. Jessica continued to grind against him the entire time he went down on her. She grabbed clumps of his short hair as she screamed amid the grip of a climax. As if to add emphasis to the arrival of her orgasm, the thunder cracked right at the peak of her crescendo.

As the last shiver of tension dissipated from her body, Preston came up for air and immediately downed the remainder of wine in his glass.

“Ah,” he sighed with satisfaction. “I really enjoyed that.”

Jessica grinned. “What? The wine?”

“No, not the wine.”

“I thought it was all right, too,” she told him. “You’re not too bad with your tongue.”

Preston feigned disappointment. “Only not bad?”

“Well, I don’t want to give you an even bigger head than you already have.”

“I’m not egotistical,” he quipped.

“No. Not at all.” Jessica patted the lounge beside her. “Why don’t you get comfortable and I’ll return the favour.”

“You’ve talked me into it,” he said and sat down.

“That was hard.” She got between his legs and took his dick into her hand. “And so is this.”

Jessica spent a few moments continuously running her tongue up his shaft and licking it like it were an ice cream. Her tongue then nestled into the soft folds of skin between his balls. Gently she took one into her mouth and sucked on it. Then her tongue was moving up his shaft again until just the head was between her lips.

“Suck it,” he urged her.

Jessica smiled up at him and slapped his thigh. “When I’m good and ready.”

Preston said, “You’re the boss.” And kept his mouth shut.

Lightning danced in forks across the black sky. Thunder reverberated incessantly. The rain had eased slightly, but was still coming down steadily. A gust of wind swept across the river and blew a shower of rain over the naked pair.

Jessica took Preston’s rigid length into her mouth and sucked half of it down her throat. She worked his member with her right hand as she pleasured him, while the fingers of her left hand were busy stimulating his balls. Preston groaned constantly the entire time his cock was inside her eager mouth. It was quite thick in its girth and Jessica’s mouth was stretched wide to accommodate it. She sucked noisily and enthusiastically, really enjoying her work. It had been a while. Right now, the memory of Geoff and Caitlin and what they’d done was fast fading into obscurity.

Her hand movements became more rapid as her mouth sucked even harder on his length. She could feel her lover’s body tensing up, so she slowed down, not wanting him to come just yet. She wasn’t anywhere near finished with him. One of the advantages of being female was a girl could climax and then immediately continue on. Unluckily for men, they needed a break after orgasm.

“I need you inside me,” she told him then.

She straddled him on the lounge, facing him, and guided his length into the steamy opening between her legs. Inch by inch his erection slipped all the way inside her and Jessica let out a long, satisfied moan. She thought her vibrator had felt good over the past few nights. The real thing was ten times better; and even more appealing was that it was attached to a gorgeous man.

They kissed again as Jessica fluidly rose up and down his long, thick cock. The kiss was lingering and extremely tender, only heating up when Jessica increased her tempo. Soon she was riding him fast, slamming her body down onto his, driving him deep inside her, his member massaging every inch of her passage. Preston had his hands tightly gripping the cheeks of her butt. Every now and then he’d fuck her from beneath with a vigorous burst of thrusting. Jessica was in heaven. Her eyes were half closed, idly watching the storm over the river as she made love to the man she desired so much. Never in her life had she been this turned on before. Preston was somehow taking her to another level of euphoria, a virgin plateau she was sure only a few women could ever hope to reach.

When she came on top of him, fresh juice flooded her tunnel and the climax was intense. She let out a series of gasps as every part of her, from her feet to her head, tingled with immense waves of pleasure. Preston continued to stroke her from below, only stopping when he was certain her orgasm had finished. Jessica collapsed into his arms, her body temporarily exhausted from the sudden release of tension. Her thighs were burning from the effort, so she slowly got off him and spread herself out prone on the lounge.

Preston didn’t let her rest long. He soon had her legs propped up in the air over his shoulders as he guided himself back into her horny pussy. Jessica felt him fill her completely as his length slipped inside her. Oh, what an incredible sensation! She ran her hands all over his chest as he gently stroked her with long, deep thrusts, allowing her to feel every inch of him.

He had his eyes closed and his face was a picture of concentration as he made love to her. Jessica watched the intermittent lightning play on his features, and she thought he was possibly the most handsome man she had ever seen.

“You feel fantastic,” he told her. “So tight.”

That was a good thing, she thought as she closed her eyes and let out a pant every time his big cock thrust all the way to the end of her pussy. She could feel his testicles slapping against her arse cheeks with each stroke, and that added to her overall stimulation.

Preston pushed her legs back further as he increased the pace of his thrusting. Her pussy was on fire. Even the constant soaking of juice didn’t dampen the flames of passion. She placed her hands flat on the lounge for leverage and did her best to rise off the cushions and meet his strokes with perfect timing. They were two lovers totally in sync with one another. The rhythm of the rain on the roof blended with the rhythm of their lovemaking.

Suddenly he stopped.

“What’s wrong?” Jessica asked.

He smiled, teeth gleaming white despite the gloom. “Nothing. I was just getting close to coming. It’s quite hard to hold back when I’m having sex with such a hot lady. Your pussy is massaging me so exquisitely it just makes me want to explode.”

“Let’s change positions,” Jessica suggested. “That might help delay it.”

“What position did you have in mind?”

“My personal favourite.”

Jessica got onto her hands and knees and eyed Preston expectantly, waiting for him to enter her from the rear. Preston nestled in behind her and brushed the head of his cock over her anus before probing the entrance to her tunnel.

“You want anal or doggy?” he queried.

“Just doggy,” she said firmly. “I don’t do anal.”

“Pity. I like anal.”

He thrust into her with one powerful stroke, deciding not to start off slowly and gently this time. His hands were on her hips and his sack slapped against her lips and clit as he plunged into her repeatedly. Within no time he had her screaming. She loved this position, the different angle, the stroking of her G-spot. Preston sure knew how to give it to a girl, and he had a fantastic cock.

Jessica clutched the cushions of the lounge as the tension quickly built in her loins. Thunder rumbled angrily, as if urging them on to greater heights of sexual pleasure. She bucked against him, making him penetrate her even deeper. She could feel him nudging the extremities of her tunnel and it felt divine.

“Fuck me!” she screamed and thrust against him some more. “Harder. You’re close to making me come again.”

Her words spurred Preston on and his body slammed into hers as he gave it everything he had. Heat built inside her as the first waves of orgasmic pleasure rippled through her body. Jessica bit her lower lip and held her breath the moment before she exploded.

She gasped and panted and screamed some more as her lover had her in the grip of the most intense orgasm of her life. Her fingernails dug into the vinyl fabric of the cushions so hard they threatened to tear holes in it. Jessica slammed her pussy onto his cock as Preston maintained a furious pace. She bucked as he fucked, their bodies making loud, smacking sounds. Just as her climax started to subside, she felt the tension building in her lover. His thrusts slowed a little and became somewhat awkward.

“I’m gonna come,” he announced.
She felt his seed gush from his cock and fill her. This brought a smile of immense satisfaction to her face and she groaned once more with pure delight. He came so much that she figured it must have been a while for him as well. When he was done he ceased thrusting and just relaxed with his member still buried deep inside her.

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