Thursday, April 16, 2015

Donate To This Fundraiser and Get 3 FREE eBooks! "Bringing My Fiance to Australia"

Our dream is for Jeany and daughter Jewel to come to Australia to start a new life together as a family. We both feel like we've finally met the love of our lives in each other and we desire to be together like a proper couple in love should be without oceans and distance separating us.  

I would also like to take them away from the poverty of the region in which they currently live and give them a happy new life here in Oz with me. I really want to do this for my fiance and her daughter just as much as for myself. I was living with Jeany in the Philippines, but she has now been left heartbroken while I've sadly had to return to Australia (where I'm from).

The immigration process for Filipinos to enter Australia on residency visas is long and expensive and it's money we just don't have right now to even get the process started. The financial cost of this entire process is high and I am only seeking to raise a portion of the money required with this fundraiser. Even if the fundraiser target doesn't get reached, any money offered will be greatly appreciated by all three of us and will go a long way toward us succeeding in our quest to be together.

As I am a writer I am willing to offer a digital "Boxed Set" of 3 eBooks in any e-reading format you wish, for donations of $30 or more. Once you have made your donation send me an email and I'll send you a link where the books can be downloaded and a coupon code for the freebie. Below is a link for more information on the perk I am offering.

Real Life Dramas: Boxed Set Collection

Thank you for reading. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me.

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Monday, April 6, 2015

Buy a Great Book Series and Help a Good Cause

I am a writer, but I am also in the process of trying to raise funds to bring my fiancé and daughter from the Philippines to Australia to live. The visa fees (and related expenses) for this process are quite expensive. It's money we just don't have at the moment to reunite our love for each other. Rather than simply running a fundraiser and asking for donations, I would much rather raise the money by selling more of my books. That way, those helping my cause receive something for their money. If I could just sell 1000 copies of the following book series over the next few months it will go a long way toward helping our dream of reuniting becoming a reality. Thank you for reading.

Jessica's Seduction is the ultimate romance boxed set collection. Even though the first book in the series is permafree, it has been included to create the complete set in one convenient mega anthology. The other 5 books in the series retail individually for $3.99 each, so at this special boxed set collection price the reader is saving more than 50% for the complete series!

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